Friday, March 27, 2009

Stance on furries?

If you don't know what a furry is, feel free to check the wikipedia page. I do not suggest you Google it.

I have been asked in YouTube personal messages about the seemingly ongoing pattern in the names in the credits in the past, as they all have something in common ... furries. Many have eventually started coming down to one simple question: Are you associated with furries? This was a question that needed much more elaboration than the FAQ could fit. I had an opinion of this for a good while that hadn't been updated blog-wise, but I only recently found the drive to give a new perspective, and as such, decided to clear the comments of the last post in hopes for some fresh ones consistent with this updated version.

For the longest time, I was rather naive to the concept of furries. I had it under the impression that it was a fandom that was rather subtle and often used for imaginary purposes, same as making elven characters for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign or something along those lines. I then thought it sprouted beyond that for many around the year 2000, but honestly, I was basing that theory off the fact that I've had friends who used furry characters in a simple manner and around Y2K, became a little more exposed to the more public aspects of the fandom. As time went on and furries became a lot more active in the Steam community, the stance on whether I'm with or against furries has become a very hard one to take.

Like I said before, I've had friends who are furries and still do to this day. My best friend of 10 years is considered a furry, but she's always had the mentality of "keep it behind closed doors, because it's not a lifestyle." For a time, my brief understanding was, people often made a kind of furry version of themselves known as "fursonas", they often used the character for escapist, imaginative purposes in certain themed games or art, and yes, some of them even make a suit of their character for themselves. Well, though that last one was rather strange for me, the bright side of it is, at least it was rather interesting to know people had the skills to make such a thing. I know I sure as hell wouldn't have the patience or the skill to do such a thing. I figure as long as they're not doing the suit thing in say, a restaurant or a public park, and just with other furries, it's none of my business and it's not disrupting anyone ... unless they read too much into it through Google, but that's just looking to get angry now and that's unhealthy.

This is where the furry fandom has hit the opposite snag for me. Lately the fandom has been getting harder and harder to accept. Enter, the furry "lifestylers." These are the ones that have gone too far with the fandom, making animal noises and flat out advertising their furry status right out in the open, and I don't mean harmlessly with just their furry avatar, I mean with full on personal details. These things range from "mate" status with other furries, sexual preferences and even a big list of "pets" and "masters" or even their kinks. This particular aspect of the fandom is what frankly pisses me off. We don't need to know this shit, so keep that to yourselves or at the very least, in a restricted realm specifically meant for that. Steam is NOT that place. What's worse is, after spouting their inner most hideous personal lives with everyone, they tell the disgusted people to go fuck themselves and then to respect them for who they are. Sorry, that's now how the world works. This is no better than a gay guy walking into work for his first day and advertises his sexual orientation, his boyfriend status and how he likes it in bed. Again, nobody needs to know that. As far as I've seen, you don't hear a straight person going on about that un-provoked, so frankly, knock that shit off, act like the rest of us when expected and maybe the rest of us can accept you a whole lot easier. Oh, and let's not forget the ones that honestly believe being a furry makes hate upon them racism. Furry is not a race and you know it, I shouldn't have to make points in my favor on this. This is a FANDOM, people. It may be amusing to escape every now and again to your character in the proper realm, but that does not make you a full-time animal and to think so is ludicrous. If a Harry Potter fan went around in public thinking they can blow people away with a wand, they will get a wedgie just as fast as those who think acting like a constantly, sexually frustrated animal in the improper realm is cute and acceptable.

As you can imagine, the furry fandom has become very hard to defend as of late, but for me, I haven't given up on the entire fandom and I certainly don't hate furries in general. It's true that the furry lifestylers have given the entire furry fandom a really rotten name, but I like to think I'm still optimistic. There's still plenty of cool furries who simply are in it as a fandom and not a lifestyle choice, who don't use the term "furry" as an excuse to be idiotic and a sexual nut job. There's crazy, over the top furries and then there's cool furries who know where the fandom belongs, just as there are crazy religious fanatics and religious people with their head on straight.

So in a nutshell, yes, I have no problem associating with furries as long as they're not taking it to extreme levels. The cool, level headed ones are out there, I know quite a few as friends already and they have helped immensely with the videos. 'Nuff said


  1. Yeah, try to hide behind a curtain of words will ya? I know you're a furry, Boschitt. I have my sources.

  2. I certainly couldn't agree anymore. For example, I am one, but what the rest of these idiots do that embarrasses the shit outta us folks who have grown a pair, and makes us want to literally rip their heads off with a portable guillotine.

    Nothing drives me up the wall more than ignorance in the form of "Live with it! <3"

    The fandom is a fandom indeed, it's "for the bedrooms" only. Suits are way too far. I don't know what you might think of mascots, but I suppose they're alright.

    I'm glad to see someone else is attempting to make a stand here.

  3. DasBoSchitt, why can't all of Hollywood be as intelligent as you?

    Anyway, I agree. Keep any things behind closed doors or with people who share your way of thinking. I, personally, don't dislike furries either, just don't show anything too open.

    Don't be grossly open with what you do, and I won't say that your lifestyle is the most sickening thing that has ever be created on Earth... except for White Supremasist, or however the hell you spell it.

    A stance of my own: I believe that people have a right to any way of thinking AS LONG AS it doesn't bring any negative things upon other people.

    And to Eddie at the top, what sources are that, if they even exist? Or are you just trying to make other people believe DasBoSchitt is a furfag? Also, did you even read the ENTIRE post?

    To close it up, it all gets down to this: Treat others the way you'd want to be treated. Who wants to be grossed out by the lifestyle thinkings of other people? No one I know. Just keep anything you believe to yourself if it's unusual unless it's a possible sickness of some sort or it may cause something bad to happen. Overall, know that not all people are okay with any kind of crap that may occur within your extremely close personal life.

  4. I completely understand your stance. Being a furry myself, I am not fond of the people who take it too far. They make the more 'normal' furries look bad. I just enjoy using it to relax a bit, but not walk around screaming it through a megaphone. So don't get agitated by all the people saying its 'racist' or whatever. They just want to think that what they do is okay. I don't care what they do, as long as it isn't being broadcasted on the net. We seem to think alot alike. I hope your next vid comes soon. -Agumon286

  5. Oh my god everything you said I agree with %100.

    Now if only those avoidant and arrogant lifestylers will get the point.

  6. i agree 2 cause im a furry also

  7. Random Google Account

    If a Transexual came into the work place on the first day and said 'Hey, I changed to the opposite gender so I can suck dick and be straight' then they'd get fired that same day. We're not going to say 'Hey, that's okay!' because it's not. You don't say weird shit and expect to not get looked at weird.Seriously, keep all that stuff to yourself, ya know? If we ask, go ahead and share, if we don't, keep your mouth shut and your on deck circle in motion. ~Nova (

  8. Well said and well played. I consider myself a furry under the "someone who is interested in anthropomorphic creatures" description. It is very embarrassing to the rest of us who are normal and know it is just something for fun and NOT a lifestyle, whereas there are others who do odd kinky things in their "fursuits" which not only is the amazing trolling pedastal of a stereotyped furry but just plain messed up to most of the fandom, lifestlyers and those hardcore furries need to learn that this is not normal and should not expect to be treated like so. They should also learn that what the yare doing leaves a rotten stench on the rest of us who have our heads on straight! I agree with you 100%. Dont take it so far or you will not be accepted by others.

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  11. Before I start, I'm a heterosexual male and I am not a furry.

    With that being said, I actually think your post is somewhat ignorant and perhaps even insensitive. I see it in the same vein as stigmatisation of homosexuals. Many people say things along the line of "I'm OK with gays as long as they aren't all up-in-my-face about it" (which is essentially what you said (or, rather, how I interpreted it)). Would you have them hide their sexual orientation for fear of discrimination for having "taken it too far"? What if a homosexual man said "I'm ok with heterosexuals, as long as they keep it 'behind locked doors'. They shouldn't kiss girls in public and they shouldn't talk about what positions they and their girlfriend like"? Wouldn't you be insulted? Wouldn't you think "Well hey, that's not fair; lots of people are heterosexual -- why shouldn't we talk about our sex life to our friends?"? Doesn't the same thing apply to them? Shouldn't the same apply to everyone? It's a matter of equality.

    Why should someone's sexual orientation matter to anyone? It has absolutely nothing to do with you. Why should you stigmatise people for their sexual beliefs?

  12. i think you should post the fact as a video since the people who think you are furry won't visit this blog

  13. There is a time and a place for any and everything, especially on the internet, i personally keep my personal, public and private stuff to their own respective areas. Those who do not want to, do not need to know.

  14. @Synon

    (I'm also straight and not a furry)

    I think you missed a bit of what he was getting at. He's talking about furries talking about their sex lives or whatever in an open public place.

    Mostly referenced here would probably be Steam forums and game servers. You're sounding more like he's trying to say they can't discuss it at all.

    He's saying he thinks if they are going to post their specific sexual preferences in public that they should at least post it in an appropriate place. Quite frankly none of us care what their mating status is or what kind of furanimals their into. That's TMI and doesn't belong in an open place, and not many people are going to want to know.

    It's not like people will be happy to hear about a straight person's sex life over any other sexual orientation. It all depends on what crowd you're around. If you're in a strip club or bar or any other place where TMI has less territory you could probably discuss it with people there, but the only people who will even remotely care to hear are people who share your sexual orientation. A gay won't want to hear about what a straight did with his wife. A straight doesn't want to know what a gay did with his boyfriend. Advertising what you like sexually isn't going to give you points toward anyone.

  15. That is true; however, if people want to display their sexual orientation on their Steam/myspace/facebook/whatever profile for others to see, they're well within their rights to do so. If you don't want to see it, simply don't look.

  16. i completely agree with u, the lifestylers really get on my nerves >_< its very idiotic the only furries i perfer are the ones who arent lifestylers and have a freakin brain and dont bash u with their supposed "furry lifestyle" u make a great point!

  17. Actually, the most common furry stereotype is "HURR I FUCK ANIMALS AND MAS-TOOR-BAET AT NEKKID ANTHROS HURR.", not the lifestlyers, at least from what I've seen.

    Anyway, you're right. I actually find most furries friendlier than other guys, at least on Steam. What pisses me off are the assholes who hate ALL furries based on a stereotype, so if you dare say "lol hai I is furry" they start flaming you until they have overused every swear word in the English language and maybe some in other languages too, without bothering to ask you whether you like to fap to furry pr0n, or even trying to make a GOD DAMNED FUCKING POINT.



    (^is not a furry)

    1. (^is a furry) Oh my god, I could hug you right now for being so logical! X3 Hope I bump into you on steam someday. ^^

  18. yo- this is just for clarification- i remeberd a feature on the tyra banks show my sister watches- its an interview on same VERY extreme furry couple...
    Here's the link:
    Note that this IS only for clarification that certain furry-ists take it a little too far.

  19. Thank GOD!

    I am so glad there are a FEW people out there who are smart enough realize that not all people are the same!

    Though, there are some points i would have to mention, if I may.

    1) No,you are right, furry isn't a race, but it would still technically be prejudice, and unfortunately there are some people who think that racism and prejudice are the same word.

    2) a big thing people have trouble understanding is that "Furry" isn't what makes them idiotic. These people are Sexual nutjobs, among other things, but they are also furries. People automatically have the assumption that they became sexual nutjobs because they are furry.

    Someone being a furry is just one piece of the giant puzzle that is the human psyche.

    Me? I am a furry, and I act like an idiot, but I acted like an Idiot long before I discovered I was a furry. I am not an idiot, but I act as such simply because its funny.

    Do not think that this is a bash against you, because it is not. You are perfectly justified in every way with your opinions, because they are rational and justifiable. I just wanted to mention a couple of things...

    But long story short, I'm glad that you have the brain of a human, and not of a troll, to not think that everyone under a stereotype is the same.

    DasBoSchitt... This stance of yours... is Not BoSchitt

  20. I agree with you. Some people just take it too far.

  21. humm

    I have pretty much the same point of as das bo shit...

    -_- at the furrys part
    In that vote 1 year ago... are U in favour of Kratos or Snake???

    >.< :P I wannaaaa knooow!!!

  22. I have to agree with Synon on that one. Das Bo Schitt- why are you so tense? If I didn't know better i'd think it's a mental problem or sexual trauma of some sort. For a reason unknown you don't want enyone to tell you anything about themselves, wich means you are strangly shy ooor you just don't want furries to do so, wich means you actually do hate them! I mean- we shoud have freedom of telling others about objects of our interest- be it sexual or any other. How coud we ever find friends in diffrent comunities if no one doesm't want to know abot your interests? Now i'm not one of this "lifestylers" as you call them (radical would be enaugh), but being a furry i can undertand, more or less, how they feel. As i see it they just want to find people simmilar to themselves and... you know- make friends! If you don't want to be friends with such people- ignore them- you may not know this, but you CAN do it! But just let them speak their minds, becouse nobody takes that right from you, as you try to do it with them. Now i have to agree there are some people weird enaugh to try to convince you to their beliefs, but isn't that exactly what preachers in churches , or politicians on tv constantly try to do? So if we let them do that why not letting furries? It's the same! There are some to even try forcfully convince you to believe them. We call cuch state of thingd- tyrany and we all know that its wrong. But you, on the other hand, have perfect freedom! You can turn off the tv, you don't have to go vote for election aaand you can just safely ignore furries end their cry for friendshipp in the internets and steam- trust me they are not gonna sneak into your house or anything like that. You should just ignore them if you don't want to listen to them as they can ignore you. Oh, and "lifestylers"? Seriously? People like THAT are just a tip of the iceberg my friend- they just shout in hope of finding someone like them which i encourage. More worse and scarry people linger in the dephs of the internet and not only, i'm pretty sure they are all around you.

  23. yah i agree on most points, so ill just keep quiet 10101010101010101010.....

  24. I totally agree with dasboschitt. The furry fandom was given a really bad name by the extremist members of the fandom, and now the entire fandom is paying for it. I wish that this kind of explanation was more publicly excepted.

  25. nick u r unlike 89% of the people online: ur correct on all points

  26. There's fanatics, and then there's common sense.

    I like to think I'm the type of Furry that doesn't believe it to be a life style. I don't give a flying fuck if you THINK you have a fox soul in your body, and I know for a FACT you do NOT have 2 dicks and 4 boobs.

    I'm glad people like Dasboschitt can look at it from the same perspective I do. I don't mind claiming I'm a furry. I don't like people who think furries are fucking retards and all about sex. I also don't agree that furries should go around calling their hands 'paws'. Or that they have a 'muzzle.' You want respect, you gotta earn it. Most people in the fandom that can't keep their stupidity out of common sense... fail to understand this concept and make the rest of us look bad.

  27. The problem is, that the extreme furries ruining it for everyone isn't a unique case. People slander the Counter Strike community for being gigantic children, when not all of them are. People strike at the WoW players for being a bunch of 10 year olds, when not all of them are. Real-world examples such as religions, political views and, yes, lifestyle choices all have these overhanging stereotypes that have been identified by people who spot the most extreme case, and use it as the default example. The more extreme cases are the most likely to stick out in the mind, which is why they're used so often.

    If I told you that I'm a Computer Scientist that has interests in programming and 3D models, some people would immediately imagine me as a grossly overweight spotty man with shirts too small and stains all over the place. I have never seen this type of man during my studies, but the stereotype is there, and it is so easily applied by people who know this stereotype.

    So I guess the best method here is; don't judge people for a lifestyle until you see who they are and what they do. They may not live up to your stereotypes as you think!

  28. @kajowwojak
    >unfortunately there are some people who think that racism and prejudice are the same word.
    This, so much. I tried to teach people about this but they ignored me. Racism is simply discrimination based on race (ethnicity, skin/hair/eye colour, etc.) whereas prejudice is presmption based on discrimination (be it racial, sexual, etc.). All humans are racist (unless you're incapable of hearing, seeing and feeling), but not all of us are prejudiced. I don't think there's a single human who could say they weren't racist purely because to acknowledge racial difference, or to acknowledge racism is to be racist. But there's nothing wrong with that.

    Thanks for agreeing with me, but I think you go too far. You're not a psychologist, so please stop with the pseudo-psychoanalysis.

    I agree completely. Interestingly enough, I'm also somewhat interested in computer science and programming. At the moment, however, I'm more interested in physics.

    What research are you basing this on? Do you have any evidence for such a claim? And by the way, anecdotal evidence doesn't count.

    And you know what they say about 90% of all statistics...

  29. I agree with you completely. I'm pretty sick of people going around making furries a lifestyle. I see people (quite a few actually) in REAL LIFE going around acting like animals with other people and thinking it is NORMAL!!! I'm sorry if I am offending anyone but THAT is not normal.

  30. And yes I know that not all furries are crazy, perverted, or just way too quick to play the "INTOLERANCE" card and I hold no grudge towards them, I'm just freaking sick of the fanatics


    haha sorry, I agree with you also.

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  33. @J,
    >I see people (quite a few actually) in REAL LIFE going around acting like animals with other people and thinking it is NORMAL!!!
    Firstly, you're implying that people aren't animals.
    Secondly, you're implying that there's anything wrong with donning a fursuit in public.
    Thirdly, you're implying that "normal" is not a subjective term and that it can actually be applied here.
    Finally, who cares? As long as they didn't show their genitals in a public place (where children might see them, that is), what's the problem?

    I might start wearing a fursuit in public just to piss people like you off.


    I was into the fandom but I departed from it (still retaining my dragonhood) because I became sick of the people who took it too seriously (which is over 90% of them). I'm just glad someone can put it into perspective for us that doesn't acutaly aim to piss them off

  35. Yeah, I can say that I AM a furry, but just like in every fandom, there's those assholes that take it too far, create negative stereotypes, and all in all, ruin it for everyone else.

    I respect, and agree, with your stance DasBoSchitt.
    Both as a furry, and a viewer of your videos.

  36. im a furry, in a... sexual way and a.. what did you call it? "fursona" ? yeah that.
    but i dont advertise it. sometimes i keep it secret, sometimes i mention it, but i never BLURT it out to people who DONT CARE and then act mad when they tell me that they DONT CARE
    i respect your stance, people who do that kinda stuff make me mad too. but, everyone has freedom of speech.. that doesnt mean we have to like it though. right?
    and i love ur videos, keep up the good work.

  37. I agree with you 100%, if you're not furry I don't do furry stuff around you simple as that. I won't hide the fact I am one but who cares?

    If it bothers someone that much I would not want to really work with them anyway. To each his own IMHO.

  38. Yeah your absolutely right, these people should not go to the extreme ends of the earth to show what they are, and in a very publicly unappealing way! Keep it private, jeez...

  39. I believe this is your most funniest post on your blog DasBoSchitt. Firstly- because of all the people who have nothing to say other than "I agree with you 100%", Secondly- because of all the people who have to justify whether they are, are no longer, or not a furry, and Thirdly- because of all the people who can't understand that you just want them to please shut up about it. I can see with all the fame you got that you would like for a good while that the haters/fans to stop screaming at you in PM's and other messages so that you continue work as a screen play writer and director. Honestly I would give you a pat on the back for in a matter of speaking "Taking it to the man". Keep up what your doing, you have your own views and your own rights.


  40. i am unbiased as to the lifestylers, frankly the idea of somebody going around in a suit seems off to me. i appreciate furry as a fandom and nothing for your words there is a saying for that to sum it up. Don't ask, don't tell. simple as that.

  41. it is strange, IMO, that as SOON as you say something positive about something, half the internet decide to jump to the stage and say "OOH, PICK ME, IM ONE, IM ONE, IM ONE!" its like a gmod-oriented cult lol

  42. as an anthro artist myself, i totally agree. it's just an art style, why must some of these guys have to push it into being a lifestyle ? we're many to share your opinion man, may these words be heard.
    may the great Renamon get them all raped properly.

  43. I have to agree with you on the whole "furry" thing. I know exactly two (2) furries and they couldn't be more different from each other.

    Furry #1: He is a mechanical engineer, a liberal Christian, a married man with a wonderful wife and four kids. He has a sense of humor. He doesn't throw his furry ideas into anyone's face. His outlet for being a furry is writing fiction, participating in furry-centric forums, and going to furry-centric conventions. In other words, he doesn't go out of his way to make non-furries uncomfortable.

    Furry #2: This guy is a complete loser. He insists on wearing a tail out in public 24/7. He insists on being called his "furry" name. He has animal-like table manners. He scratches himself in public like an animal would. He claims to have no moral code since wild animals don't have a moral code. He mooches off his grandmother since he doesn't work (real animals, btw, are self-sufficient!) My partner considers this furry to be a friend, but I hate the guy's guts and only tolerate him in small doses for the sake of my partner.

    So... the traditional furries seem to be pretty innocuous. But these newer furries just totally suck.

  44. There are many different beliefs and social groups in the world, some cover themselves in the ash of dead people, others dress up as anthro animals to have fun. I wanna tackle many points from many posts.

    1) Fursuiting is not a case of extremism, at least not all the time. From the last tally about 15% of the fandom(thats a growing number btw) own fursuits, of the 15% only 3% engage in sexual promiscuity while 'in suit.' It is commonly used for social reasons to break out of prejudice amongst others, so they can be free of judgement of their bodies. Because people are commonly insecure with just about anything. And most fursuiting occurs at cons where other like minded people attend.

    2)Yes announcing that you are a furry sounds a lot like a cry for attention, be the attention positive or negative, it is still attention directing on a lonely or selfish person. Rather than giving positive or negative reinforcement, I suggest ignoring the comment altogether because the more you fan the flame, the bigger it gets.

    3)People will act like many things. People in L.A. commonly act or choose to live like a speech impedimented hood who commits crimes or just pretends to commit crimes. Others may act like computers and be cold and calculated with little remorse or morals. So if someone wants to act like an animal, let them. If you do not enjoy it then politely ask for them to stop or leave their presence. Because how they live THEIR life is none of your business. So do not try and correct them by telling them that is not 'normal' because that just sounds like a really fascist thing to say. Being normal is 100% perspective, you can be normal as much as you can be perfect.

    All I give is advice, and you can choose to take it or not. If you have read this far then good job, you have an attention span!

    Furry for 8 years and counting.
    Sincerely, Arxl

  45. Furries..... they are ok people just like us but when you take it to your schools and shit, then it goes too far.

    Keep it on cyberworld plz.
    thankz furries! :D

  46. I hate ANYBODY who tries to shove their life down my throat to try and get attention, and furry seems to be the most prevalent. Yes, there are a lot of level-headed people within the furry community out there, I myself reading into it every now and then, but as you said, there are the jackasses who run around making cat sounds and try to get away with shit like "I'm furry, it's my lifestyle". Well to me that says I can go around dressed as a goddamned warlock and throw dark pieces of paper and say "I'm a Warlock, it's my lifestyle." To anyone who tries to get away with that stuff is an attention whore and needs a nice bitch-slap.

  47. This blog, and these posts... I find them amusing. I guess, I might as well tell my opinion. I just take the world day by day, like if someone runs by me in a fur suit, I might think it's a little odd but I'll just shrug it off and continue. Well actually, to sum it all up; I truley don't care. I'm the type of person that can be around anyone and not get bothered. Although, there might be an extent to my paitence, but that probibly won't be surpassed any time soon.

    Oh ya, about the thing how I said I find the comments amusing. I can find amusememnt in almost anything. I should also breath a sigh of relief since there are no people here that will cuss out any one who apposes. This blog is the very essence of what the internet should be... a place where you can have a conversation with others who have a cool head and won't burst out and start flaming. You all should feel proud and have a pat on the back. As I read, there were those who were cussing; but reading further, gave no indacation of being biased towards one side or the other. So that ment, every one here had somthing to agree on so no flame wars would break out. But to any one who thinks otherwise, please take your time to think and sound profesional befor you type.

  48. Darion & Arxl
    You two are smart.

    >I hate ANYBODY who tries to shove their life down my throat to try and get attention, and furry seems to be the most prevalent.
    Who's trying to do that? Do people literally follow you around trying to get you to listen to their stories about being a furry?

    >Well to me that says I can go around dressed as a goddamned warlock and throw dark pieces of paper and say "I'm a Warlock, it's my lifestyle."
    Yes, you can. There would be nothing wrong with that. I for one would think you were weird for doing that but I would defend your right to do it.

    >To anyone who tries to get away with that stuff is an attention whore and needs a nice bitch-slap.
    >Anyone that doesn't conform to my expectations should be belittled

    You know who I hate? Fascists like you. It's none of your business what people wear or how they act unless they make it your business.

    You shouldn't care what these people do. Even if they do it in front of you or whatever. They're not harming you. If they were trying to involve people in their furry activities who didn't want to be involved then it would be a different matter. Going around in a fursuit acting like an animal, while it seems "strange" to you, is fine as long as it's not hurting anybody.

  49. BoSchitt, you've hit the nail on the head with this one. The fur fandom has recently become polluted with some rather idiotic people under false impressions of what it means to be a furry. I've yet to hear about these 'lifestylers' but I do know of some people who's behavior is rather questionable.

    In general, I say people are free to do what they want (we have free will for a reason) so long as they keep it within the constraints of what is considered socially acceptable. Running around in a fur suit may be strange, but no more so then dressing up for Halloween. We're just so used to people dressing up on that day, so we think nothing of it.

    Of course, the media decides to focus on the people who go outside the bounds of whats socially acceptable, and this has generated some rather false beliefs about the community.

    I think that there needs to be some action taken to correct the misinformation that is being spread about the fandom. Other then that, we shouldn't be prosecuting people for their interests. It's their lives and we have no right to tell them how to live it.

    I've been a furry for 5 years and I have nothing but positive things to say about most of the people I've met in the community. They are, in general, just like everyone else.

    That's my two cents.

  50. I've always wondered why steam users hate furries

    the more you know

  51. I'm sorry DasBoSchitt, and all of the other furries out there, but I'm done with you fucks. Every time I see a furry and they have a Fur Affinity account I click it to see it, and they say "I hate the porn" and you see tons of porn. Up to sick fetishes like:

    Skunk spray (liking to get sprayed by a skunk)
    Watersports (Liking to get peed on)
    Vore (Attracted by animals eating each other)
    Scat (liking poop, or like eating it)
    Hyper (Gigantic mile long cocks)
    Macro (Big furries shoving trains in the ass)
    Inflation (you know what that is)
    "Pawing" off (Jacking off with there "paws")
    Baby fur (loving sex with cubs)

    And some even go as far as liking the smell of farts. And if a furry draws a dog penis on there furry character, then they have a male dog, un-neutered, and they jack them off or suck them off or even knot with them. Its EXTREMELY rare to find "decent" furries these days. Sad, isn't it?

    1. Skunk spray and farts are a musk fetish. Ever heard of guys sniffing girl's pants? That's where it started, not furs. Same with scat and watersport. Shota and Loli are where Cub started, pawing is just masturbation but for furries (I mean, it's anthromorphic animals, they don't have normal hands ya know?) and while the others are something to be concerned about, it's more concerning you're actually taking time out to look at this stuff.

      Before you start blaming furs for this stuff, maybe consider asking one of us about it first? You'd be surprised to learn that furs aren't that different from you.

  52. Wtf is a furry, I looked it up and all I see is cartoonish animals, Wtf are you guys talking about "being a furry" 0.0 this makes absolutely no sence


  54. How far is too far?

    I should mention I am a gay male furry.

    I pretty much fit into the furry life-styler category, but it originally started as role play in an MMO as an animal for fun, I didn't even know what a furry was, When it came time for the game to go the character just bled into real life probably because I cared about it so much, I call my hands paws, my nose/face/whatever a muzzle and howl and act like an animal now, I know I'm a human of course and the moment I step out of my front door I'm back to my original self because I don't know how other people would react to it or they don't want to know. My partner is in the same boat as me (went through the same process) and who I am my character around, (I don't like to simply call it a fursona, it wasn't that originally and it isn't now) so my question is, based on the original post, do we go too far since we fit the "life-styler" description or is the fact we don't advertise it openly (or on steam for that matter) the difference maker?

  55. God, people defending the furries like Synon need to give it a rest. The point DBS was trying to make is he can handle furrows up to the a certain point. When they start calling themselves animals, calling their hands 'paws' and shit, it's just plain stupid. I'm a furry fan, mainly because I have such a great interest in wolves and the mythology surrounding lycans/werewolves. Role-play of it is kept strictly to wherever I do it. And that kind of role-play is just how a lycan or wolf really is: a vicious predator.

    The furry people who do the extreme shit don't realize that some animals they pretend to be are actually lethal or maybe scared as hell about everything. I can guarantee you, if animals could think logically as well as humans do, they would be pissed at first sight and kill the person

    This isn't a bash on the furry community, but seriously, those of you calling yourselves animals and using terms such as 'mate' and 'paws', shut up. Synon ave a good point in that people bashing on them out of racism or prejudice is not the way to do it. But a furry isn't a race, it's a fandom. An interest. A kind of hobby, depending on how you go about the interest. So it isn't racism. We just want you to act like what you really are: a human. Humans evolved from apes for a reason. Don't reverse that.

    For those of you missing his point, here it is, short and simple:

    'I don't hate furries, but I would like for the ones making it into an extreme lifestyle, rather than just making it a personal interest, to please stop because most of us don't want to hear it'

    If anyone wants to discuss this more, you know where to find me. Anyone responding with an attitude will be ignored because I will only deal with honorable people

  56. To add to this shmorgus board of arguments (and really just to fuel the fire). Its very hard for people to understand how furries arnt just those lunatics that go around acting like a wild animal around and before anyone asks they exist big time in australia expecially here in canberra. I see people all around downtown dressed in their costumes and in truth its wrong ive even seen a guy jack off to a girl in the middle of the public park. But i have four friends who are furries and none of them do this it was a bit awkward when he explained to me why people were dressed that way in public but to be truthful i am a straight male with a girlfriend and we are both technically furries i guess my persona online is snowfire and i save that crap for the forums.(not that its crap in a place like that) when you keep it to yourself and others who are like you or interesrted in what they are its a good thing. I know all about these uhhh... my gf puts them as people who wish they were animals (my name for them: attention whores) and they are bad news for us(furries) and create life that is difficult at school uni and work for all of us.

    So in short furries = whatever we go through phases and sometimes its just for fun like rpging but people who act like this in public and do stuff like jacking off bleh thats just wrong.

    By your christian, straight and furry frind

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  58. I think most of the hate originally started due to the orientation and fetishes of the majority of furries (gay men and really appalling stuff).

    Sadly looking at furry art and stuff this isn't just a predigest generalization, it's TRUE.

    I notice this something you FAILED TO ADDRESS.

  59. I understand about the furries and mascots thing, but in the words of the Sniper: "The difference being one's a job and the others mental sickness!"

  60. Don't wanna sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon here, but I actually do aree with what DBS is saying. Me and my friend are both furries, and we both hate the fact that the worlds sees the group as a bunch of sex-crazed, costumed psychopaths with a fetish for animals. It's especially bad for her, because her own twin sister is a furry hater, and gives her grief about it all the time. I mean, we roleplay furries, but we roleplay furries doing things that any normal human would do, just living their lives. No sex, no weird fetishes, nothing. In face, one of the only ways you might be able to guess that we were furries would be the occasional furry term. I.E: Using facepaw instead of facepalm, or using fur instead of for. Honestly, I didn't think that semi-safe havens for furries like this one actually existed. The fact that I managed to scroll through an entire page without seeing the words "furfag" or "yiff in hell" astounds me. Anyway, just thought I'd contribute to the already massive amount of "I totally agree with you" comments.

  61. @nate you never visited deviantart, one of the most visited art-websites to be found? The fetish you mentioned makes maybe 20% of the images on furaffinity. If you would type any of the fetish in the searchfield of deviantart, you would get 5 times more of the stuff(and there its mainly human).
    I generally like the idea of drawing anthro characters, I mainly do that just for fun(no porn, if thats what you are going to argue about).

  62. I don't think I could have said this better, myself. Sure most people today don't accept us furries; but we got to stay cool and show that we're not all that bad, just that some members give us a bad rap. Thanks for keepin' it real, BoSchitt!

  63. HO-LY CRAP.... Every. Single. One. Of. You. Are. Insane.... And you idiots say homeschoolers have no life! Well, as a homeschooler, This "furry" crap is what happens to people who are either LGBT, have low self esteem, have major psychological issues such as incest or homosexuality, or are obsessed with bestiality, or all of the above. Case closed.

    1. you sir, sound rather prejudiced. I am technically a furry. Did i mention im also homeschooled? I am not having any of those problems you stated. I just respect anthropomorphic art. I am the polar opposite of everything you said. Im also tolerant.

    2. Ticking every box in the stereotype box, ain't cha? This is why furs get to aggresive to people who don't like it. Cos people like you don't even listen to reason and assume that all furs as pervy, creepy, retarded homos.

      I mean, honestly, there's only ethnicity you haven't insulted yet.

  64. Being in the fandom, I can see exactly where you are coming from. Personally, I think the 'lifestylers' do take it too far. There's also some sub genres which are very tasteless.

    You'll find the creatives who keep it within the fandom, and you'll also find the creepy ones. The creepy ones tend to be the image portrayed on us by the media.

    Tbh, I agree on a lot of what you've said.

  65. At first I didn't mind furries, and had some of them as friends. But then in my few, after a few months there were more of those furry creeps than the normal ones. I know that there might be still some normal ones out there, but it just doesn't seem like it. I once helped out a friend on a pic edit, and stuck to the furry chat she was in. In less than 5 minutes I had tons of private messages that made me puke. I ignored them, but since I've put up with her on a collab which took time, I had to stick around there for longer. And one day I lost it and dropped bombs on them big time. I became the public enemy of furries just because creeps didn't know when to stop, but instead of searching guilt by themselves, I'm put out as the insane one. Eversince I hate furries. I don't go initially hostile when I see one, but I try my best to avoid them. Because those 3 months in their scene were hell, and after that I "cured" my friend from it and gave her a new character sheeet she actually found pretty good. Furries maybe have something charming, but the scene, once you've experienced it long enough, is whacked by the creeps.

  66. I am a Furry (One of the 'Interested in the concept/anthropomorphic animals in general' ones) and I completely agree with this. I can't understand why people are not as intelligent as you.

  67. I'm a furry and, from this point of view, I can give you more than enough information about us. For starters, 'lifestylers' are actually furries. These are the nutbags who think they're animals. It's possible to become SLIGHTLY more animal like, but this is mostly via psychological training and at most gives added strength to the five senses. Other than that, no one can be an animal. Next, we have those who ram it in your face. Believe me, it's not just gays and furs. About 90% (no joke) of the people I know in my town openly announce their sex lives, even asking their friends to join in such occasions. This is the person in question, NOT furries in general. Also, the term 'mate' is used to describe a relationship much like it would when referring to animals, but this is purely a small factor of the fandom.

    Next, we have the 'race' issue. Yes, fur is not a race, it's more a sexuality... And even then, it's not. But, even for those of us who don't shove furry fun time down people's throats, there's still those who will scream at us for existing. Also, furs aren't all having sex with animals. That, again, is the person not the fandom. Figured I'd throw that in as it's a common mistake.

    Finally, we have suit makers and everyone else. Those who make items (drawings, suits, flash animations, what have you) are no different from those who make Hentai or mangas or even youtube clips. It's supply and demand after all. That said, some furs do wear their suits a lot. I, personally, wouldn't want to ruin it but some just feel better wearing it more. Yes, some are nuts, but some are just more confident knowing they're in a skin they like. That said, furs can want to live with animals and want to LIVE with animals. The first being, say, near them to watch or interact with. The second being those who strip naked, run up to a lion screaming 'Embrace me brother!' then get eaten alive. There's a difference, but it's often over looked.

    Anyway, that's pretty much a good chunk of Fur data for you, BoSchitt. Hope that makes things a bit clearer. It'd suck if a few bad apples spoiled the cart, but much like religion or sexuality or even videogame fans, there's always gonna be one guy who won't shut up.

    Thanks for sticking up for us as much as you do. It's nice finding someone who's willing to listen.

    P.S. A fur pile is NOT AN ORGY. People get this wrong a hell of a lot. A fur pile is just people laying down, trying to get comfy. It often happens at furcons if there's no real seating. It's only television that got this wrong and stained the meaning ever since.

  68. Also, gonna add, REAL sorry about added replies to some of the posts here. I know they seem fight birthing (and god knows, I could do with a good punch up the month I've had) but I just really had extremists of any kind, even if I don't like what they're attacking (I mean, I don't like christians as I've heard a lot about them hating gays and even killing some, but I still know that not everyone is like that).

    Sorry again.

  69. ^hate extremists.

    Urgh, I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to spelling errors...