Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Make fun of Krystal!"

Lately, a certain request has been showing up in my inbox more and more. It's a request that I pondered a bit, but only because it was brought up by others, not myself. The request has been, "Make fun of Krystal!" I found this request quite strange at first. I asked, "What? Why would I make fun of Krystal? She's hot!" I then realized that they were not speaking of Krystal Forscutt, but a blue furry from some Star Fox game I never played. Way to un-intentionally make me feel like a tool, you guys! Nah, I'm just screwing with you.

To recap, this suggestion mostly came about in reference to The Tale of Dirty Renamon, where I portrayed a furry kid's show character as a substance abusing criminal who shouted profanity, stole cars and assaulted people, later getting pulverized several times. I maimed Renamon on multiple occasions prior to that video because I got tired of it's random, constant and almost un-avoidable appearances on the internet, brought about by it's overzealous fanbase. The Tale of Dirty Renamon came about when that very fanbase whined about my mistreatment of this fictional character, asked me to stop and even take down existing videos with Renamon in them, then wished death upon me when I wouldn't comply.

This is where Krystal comes in, because apparently, according to the writers of the requests, Krystal from the Star Fox game series is pretty much another Renamon. That comes as no surprise, but earlier I made the joke about not realizing which Krystal the PM writers were talking about, which is partially true. Either this character is in fact, not as popular as Renamon, or the Krystal fanbase had the decency to not smother the general internet to death. Either way, I only saw basic screenshots of the character when the Star Fox game came out and then I never saw the character again, fading from memory and therefore, not becoming annoying enough to poke fun at.

Another reason I decided against poking fun at Krystal is, it seems Kitty0706 has already done it and appears to still be doing so. I see that as a fair trade. He can pick on Krystal and I can pick on Renamon. I do wonder just how much the Krystal fanbase reacts to his "wrongdoings" if anything. Maybe I should ask him sometime.

Finally, picking on Krystal would include a second furry to the mix, which could easily contradict what I've said in the past. Sure I'm sickened by the furry lifestylers, whom I've mentioned in my post about furries, but I still want to make it clear that I don't hate the entire fandom and a whole. Going after Renamon for being unavoidable and having lunatic fans that want me killed is one thing, but picking on another furry character who I only remembered through request would make it seem like I'm a furry assassin for hire.

In conclusion, Krystal had the decency to stay out of my un-related Google image searches, TF2 games and only has one tiny Steam group that I actually had to search for. Therefore, someone else less fortunate can pick on her. Renamon however, will always be The Gmod Idiot Box's personal Kenny.


  1. I think you should just continue just with renamon. It's funny, and adding someone else to the mix would kill the joke, imo. Your videos are great, and I hope you never stop.

  2. Lol. "Idiot Box's personal Kenny". That's too good.

  3. WEll it looks like the fanbase is becoming okay with there "idols" being used as tools of destruction, Or people want more furries to get hurt.

  4. Requests to take videos down? Over Renamon? That's sucks, but your video is the first place I heard of the thing!

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  6. Yeah- tryin' to be politicaly appropriate aren't you Das Bo Schitt? That's just rubish! If you don't hate Furries why did you even write this post!? You keep saying about how they should stop messing up steam and force their sexual prefernces upon you, but you just have to poke us, and make fun of us in every single blog post, don't you? That's just plain hipocracy! Can't you just ignore us and whole furry fandom? That would be so much easier for all of us! Hell i love your videos! Their funny and creative! And Renamon? Keep making fun of her i don't really find it insulting, it's funny as well and i wouldn't even consider her a reall Furry, but you really don't have to tell the whole world how you DON'T hate Furries!

  7. Actually, Arrakiz, yes, I DO have to tell the world that I don't hate the entire furry fandom as a whole after I've made fun of just one character. We've established many furries are very sensitive and jump to conclusions a lot, enough to begin exaggerating claims that I "make fun" of furries in all 22 of my blog posts. It's not a shot, just an understandable fact that I don't blame them for. Read again and you'll find not only that just 3 posts contain the topic of furries, but that I also don't poke fun at the fandom as a whole, just the ones that damaged the fandom's name. If you don't apply to this particular group, why get irritated?

    In terms of ignoring the entire fandom, that would be almost negligent on my part due to the fact that I have had MUCH appreciated help from and even made friends with furries. The last thing I want is for them to assume I'm stabbing them all in the back afterward. I created this blog for the sole purpose of keeping people updated, putting rumors to rest and answering in detail a lot of general questions I get, not to bore people to death with the annoyances of taking out the trash each week. THAT is why I wrote this post, cuz that is what the blog is for.

  8. Yeah, no need to keep flogging that particular horse. (Uhm, did I just offend equine furries?)

    There are TONS of characters (that have already been modeled in GMOD) just begging to be mocked. I think BoSchitt's biggest problem will be which ones are most worthy of his uhm, mocking.

    Three things are for certain:
    1) He will choose the best one(s) to mock.
    2) It/they will certainly deserve the mocking.
    3) We will all pee ourselves laughing at the momentous mocking.

  9. Again, agreed completely to this. After reading a good deal of your posts, my faith in humanity is restored...

    But it's just begging to be crushed soon by idiots. T_T
    -Tyman305 on Youtube

  10. To be honest. I would have never thought Das Bo Schitt to be anti-furry. So, technically, they're picking on you because you've decided to make fun of a "celebrity"???


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  12. David said: "Requests to take videos down? Over Renamon? That's sucks, but your video is the first place I heard of the thing!"

    I still don't understand how I never heard about this "Furry Party". Are they so present on internet?! Damn, i think i live in a bubble...

  13. You know I just suddenly wondered how well a group of Resistance would fare against a Tank.

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  15. Do it. Make fun of Krystal, she's more than worth the effort, and plus, it'd make us all sh!t ourselves in laughter.

  16. @SPIX:
    He just stated that he wasn't going to.

  17. Herro Prease!
    I personally think that you shouldnt make fun of Krystal. Also, im ok with furries, im not one myself, but stay out of my way and well be ok alright? Thanks.

  18. Fuck people who are easily offended. This goes for every subculture. Just do what you think is funny.

  19. Why on earth would you?

    Furries are a loud minority of obnoxious sexual deviants, and the less attention we can all agree to give the, the better.

    I mean, next thing you know you'll be blowing up moon hoax or chemtrail conspiracy theorists in the idiot box.

    Might be a fun thing to LOL I TROL U for a minute there, but in the longer run what you're doing is validating their existence.

    We don't want that.

  20. I still don't really understand exactly why furries have so much trouble with you picking on Renamon. She's not a furry, she's a Digimon. TIME PARADOX!!!

    In all seriousness, there are some times when I want to strangle people who react so poorly to jokes like this. To quote a particular YouTube news blogger I like, when one person does something stupid it makes everyone in their group look bad.

    I'm proud to say that I'm a furry who realizes that picking on Renamon doesn't constitute a personal attack on the character, let alone Digimon, and far from the fandom.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is I think it's remarkably mature of you not to start picking on Krystal as well. This pretty much proves you don't do your jokes based on an actual hatred (at least of the group). It's good that you want to preserve the integrity of your show.

    Although, to be honest, after you've accidentally run into porn of a character, you really run out of respect for the fans really really fast.

  21. I personally don't understand why there are people who worship renamon so much...and I'm a furry myself.

    As for the random, unrelated crap, never got that...strangely enough.

    And there are a few reasons why I'm glad you didn't pick on Krystal-first, like someone else said, it'd kill the joke, and it'd just seem immature to do so (pick on another character)

    Anyhoo, all I ask in the end is you just keep making more of your hilarious videos!

  22. I am borderline furry,(pretty much the only thing is that I like Star Fox and Digimon more than most), and I ain't offended in the least, your vid of Renamon is hilarious, but strangly enough I had first saw that after watching half the season of Digimon Tamers, which sucks compared to the original 2 seasons. Well, off to play GTA IV!!!
    Edit: Ironically the security word thing made me spell humbl[e]...weird I do feel humbled.

  23. Stay with one furry two is too much and it wouldn't be funny anymore. love your vids.

  24. Personally, i am a Krystal fan. Now that thats out of the way and you all THINK you know what im here for, let me be the first and only person to tell you, that your cynically wrong. The Krystal fanbase presently (from what ive seen anyway) is quite a leniant and understanding group of people. If sombody dosent like what some other guy does in a video to a character you like, keep telling yourself that its just a joke, the character's rep is not harmed in anyway.

    Call me what you all will but i honestly dont give a crap, im a causual fan.

    The entire starfox series is somewhat a joke in itself, all the characters names have some annotation of joke. Look a Fox, his name is his species name, and his last name is Irish. His bitter rival's last name is scottish, representing the constant war the two will always have, but yuet displaying they can work together for a common goal. Krystal's name was never really set in stone in development, it ended up being what it was because she was trapped in the crystal on top of Krazoa palace and i think i had a point in here somewhere... give me a moment...

    Oh yeah, anyway anyone thats a fan of the Starfox series generally has a light heartedness towards jokes of the characters. The whole "Do a barrel roll" schtick never ceases to amuse tons of people, including myself, and its been used in so many character bashing jokes, that most fans are numb to it.

    So yes Dasboschitt, the Krystal community has had the decency to stay out of your life. If one wanted to find Krystal related... anything its not that hard to come by, and if your looking to avoid them completly, not that difficult as well. The entire furry community itself has been ruined. Plain and simple, we get people who completly flip out like in the whole renamon thing, and BAM, reputation ruined. The truth is here people, most of us/them are quite level headed people, and can easily laugh at this kinda thing. I constantly find myself laughing my head off at Kitty's video's regardless of content, i really dont care.

    ...Jesus i typed alot 0_o...uhh sheesh i have too much time on my hands..

  25. Renamon is a staple, just as Hax is. Include it, but don't overdo it.

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  27. I'm an avid starfox player myself, but I don't care if you were to make fun of her, but you are right about one thing, to make fun of her AND renamon would be overkill and confusing, puls your friend kitty0607 already took care of that.

  28. If you want to avoid the furry freaks the world hates.. never visit Deviantart ._.

  29. hey why not try making fun of these:
    family guy
    tiger woods
    look at this link

  30. Great work dude!!! How do you write such article son complex problem so easily. I know it may be hard to do so, but seriously hats off!!! Keep it up!!! I wouldn’t have been as expressive and easy with my writing like you.


  31. also Krystal's ragdoll is hard to pose because of the bad weight distribution in the shoulders and head. and it would kill the joke

  32. I pretty much hate all the lifestylers as well, and funnily enough, I am a member of the fandom. Keep up the great work, I never laugh as much as I do when I watch your videos. I almost died when I watched Computer Quest, and that is a good thing! You're awesome, and those crazy "fans" should go rot somewhere in a sewer.

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  34. Actually, Krystal came before Renamon (Starfox was released before the Third Digimon era after all), so you won't see as much about her. That said, she's still around in those kinda things.

    That said, I once made a joke about her name sounding like a stripper name. Seemed to go down well with furry StarFox fans. ^^ (I'm proud of that)